Govt’s claim of performance ‘white lies’: Tarigami

Jammu: Terming as “white lies” the Jammu and Kashmir government’s claim of performance in multiple sectors, CPI(M) leader M Y Tarigami Tuesday said the dispensation has done negligible work in vital sectors concerning the masses.
“The tall claims of the state government are only white lies. The fact is that the dispensation has done negligible work in the vital sectors concerning the masses,” Tarigami, who is also Awami Mutahida Mahaz convenor,told reporters here.
“As the year 2013 came to an end and the present government completed its five years, it came out with tall claims of great performance which were mere advertisements,” he said.
An objective analysis of these claims indicated that the government’s performance to better the life of people was dismal, he said.
“The administration is so weak, ill-prepared and insensitive that even a few inches of snow puts the whole life in Kashmir and other areas of the state out of gear, deflating the plump claims of the government,” Tarigami said.
He said despite the formation of various commissions and organisations, the government had failed to curb corruption in the state or take any concrete measure which could at least minimise the menace.
“Transparency and accountability is seen nowhere.
Malpractices, favouritism and delayed justice have become rampant and gained administrative sanction,” he said.
Tarigami alleged that human rights violations, police high-handedness and indiscreet use of force against people protesting for their genuine demands continue unabated.
Investigations of human rights violations are either pending or remain unimplemented, making a mockery of the government’s promises and actions, he said.

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