Dir SKIMS convenes grand round to streamline emergency services

SRINAGAR: Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) hosted a special Grand Round session, focusing on the very vital topic of “Streamlining Emergency Services: Need of the Hour.” The special Grand Round, chaired by Prof. M Ashraf Ganie, Director SKIMS and Prof. Shariq R. Masoodi, Dean Medical Faculty, SKIMS, brought together the entire SKIMS community including faculty members,, administrators, and other stakeholders to discuss and strategize enhancements in emergency medical services.
Dr. Abrar Wani, Professor-Neurosurgery & I/C Head-Emergency Medicine, delivered an insightful presentation during the session held at SKIMS auditorium. His PowerPoint presentation meticulously outlined critical issues affecting emergency operations, notably addressing challenges such as patient flow management and congestion within the emergency area. Dr. Wani’s presentation also focused on proposing viable solutions to these pressing concerns.
“The discussions that followed were marked by thorough deliberations among faculty members, administrators, resident doctors, other professionals and stakeholders present at the event,” SKIMS said in a press release issued here, adding, “A comprehensive plan aimed at optimizing emergency services was formulated. This plan includes a multifaceted approach comprising immediate actions, short-term remedies, and long-term strategies.”
One of the pivotal solutions proposed and agreed upon during these deliberations was the implementation of a separate entry system for critically ill patients arriving via ambulances requiring urgent medical attention. This strategic initiative aims to streamline the triage process, ensuring that patients in critical condition receive prompt and prioritized care upon arrival at SKIMS, the institute said, adding that the collaborative effort and strategic planning highlighted during the Grand Round underscore SKIMS’s commitment to enhancing emergency medical services and improving patient outcomes.
The special Grand Round has unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing emergency medical services with a strong focus on efficiency and patient-centered care. Key initiatives from the session include the establishment of a Dedicated Triage Center where senior residents will promptly assess patients upon arrival, streamlining treatment pathways for faster and appropriate care. Additionally, SKIMS is implementing a dedicated biochemistry lab within the emergency area to expedite essential tests, thereby reducing dependency on external facilities and enhancing diagnostic efficiency. The institute is also introducing specialty-wise bays tailored to specific medical needs to optimize workflow efficiency while maintaining optimal bed capacity. Efforts are underway to improve the overall patient care environment, invest in advanced medical equipment, augment staffing levels, expand infrastructure within the emergency department, regulate patient flow, and ensure continuous monitoring through an expert committee to sustain seamless service delivery and ongoing enhancement.
“This Grand Round served as a pivotal platform to address the pressing need for streamlined emergency services in our healthcare system,” remarked Prof. M A Ganie, Director of SKIMS. Emphasizing the institute’s commitment to enhancing emergency services as a top priority, he commended Dr. Abrar Wani and his team for their efforts in elevating emergency care standards at SKIMS, aligning perfectly with the institute’s mission to deliver excellence in healthcare services.
The event concluded with a commitment to implementing actionable recommendations generated during the discussions. SKIMS reaffirmed its dedication to advancing emergency medical services, aligning with its mission to deliver excellence in healthcare, education, and research.

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