DPAP contesting LS elections independently: Azad

SRINAGAR: Chairman DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad, unequivocally stated that the party will not form alliances with any other party in the Lok Sabha elections. Instead, the DPAP will contest independently.
Azad emphasized the party’s commitment to fielding young, fresh candidates who embody honesty and possess the potential to effectively represent their constituents in Parliament, echoing his own legacy of raising voices for the people. He said, ”I am Azad, I stand independent. My departure from the Congress was a result of leadership failure. Any praise from the Prime Minister in Parliament reflects solely on my work and honesty, devoid of affiliations. Our slate of Lok sabha candidates predominantly comprises young, untainted faces. My vision is to empower the youth, who possess the fervor to champion public causes. I am confident they will echo the public’s concerns in Parliament, much as I have.”
The DPAP Chairman stressed the importance of steering away from personal attacks and instead concentrating on agendas, visions, and past accomplishments. He challenged the other political factions, inviting them to partake in a constructive competition centered around development achievements.
“It’s time to transcend the hollow promises of self-rule and autonomy,” he asserted. “While others have profited from exploiting these sentiments, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering genuine advancements for our constituents.”
Azad reiterated his commitment to bolstering tourism, fostering development, improving infrastructure such as roads, and enhancing educational institutions, emphasizing that these are his primary objectives. He pledged to prioritize the welfare of the people, ensuring justice for victims of past injustices.
He said, “During my tenure as CM, insecurity was a thing of the past, and I vow to restore that peace and security once again.” He further extended an assurance to the people of Kashmir, promising to usher in an era where children can move freely without fear. Azad appealed the people, urging them not to be swayed by the hollow promises of other parties, particularly the NC and PDP, highlighting their history of alliances with the BJP.
The former chief minister “exposed the duplicitous actions of certain parties who hoisted green flags in Kashmir only to align with the BJP and betray your trust,” the statement emphasized. “While in parliament, their members remained silent on crucial issues like Article 370, whereas I consistently voiced the concerns of Kashmiris.” He underscored the importance of holding accountable those who have failed to deliver on their promises, urging the people to put their faith in leaders who have consistently advocated for their rights and interests. “Let us not be deceived again,” he urged. Among others who were present on the occassion were Mohd Amin Bhatt Provincial President, DPAP Lok Sabha Candidate Adv Saleem Parray, Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami and others.

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