Army assists civilians in carriage of mortal remains of accident victims

SRINAGAR: In a remarkable display of dedication and commitment towards the local populace, Indian Army provided assistance to locals of Bhujthala village of Boinyar wherein, they successfully carried on foot the mortal remains of 08 civilians on night of 31 Jan 2024 amidst heavy snowfall.
“On 31 Jan, an SUV vehicle carrying 15 members of Bhujthala Village skid off the road and fell 100 m to the steep hill side resulting in 9 fatal and 6 non-fatal casualties. When the villagers were trying to transport the mortal remains of the deceased, the vehicles were not able to traverse the slippery road due to harsh weather conditions. Civil administration contacted Indian Army, for assistance of carriage of the mortal remains of the deceased. An Indian Army team from Lachhipura was dispatched to assist the Civil administration. They quickly reached the site with medical stretchers and carried the mortal remains. The team also improvised the stretchers on the spot using bedsheet and poles from civil ambulance along with cots from nearby houses for carriage of these mortal remains duringthe night,” PRO (Defence), Srinagar said in a statement issued here.
Next day, the mortal remains of two more civilians were carried to the village. Indian Army in collaboration with Police and Civil administration under extreme weather conditions showcased commitment and resilience of the troops, in nation building activities and assistance to the local populace.

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