BJP Vice President Pulwama leads the ‘Man Ki Baat’ joining program

PAMPORE: In a remarkable turn of events, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has experienced a substantial increase in its presence in the Pampore Constituency. A considerable number of individuals, predominantly youth, enthusiastically became part of the party during the “Man Ki Baat” program and joining ceremony organized by BJP Vice President Pulwama, Mohammad Asif Ganaie.
This surge in new members underscores the growing appeal of the BJP, particularly among the youth in the region. The joining program also featured discussions on the party’s initiatives, and participants expressed their support, citing issues like electricity and infrastructure. As part of the event, several delegations and civil society members highlighted various problems faced by the residents.
Mohammad Asif Ganaie, BJP Vice President Pulwama, welcomed the new members and assured them that all issues would be given priority and addressed promptly. Addressing the gathering, Ganaie emphasized that the primary concern in Pampore is related to power, urging the audience to provide specific details on areas facing power problems.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Mohammad Asif Ganaie stated, “Today, we had our joining program where a significant number of people joined the Bharatiya Janta Party to strengthen the party. Alongside that, we organized a ‘Man Ki Baat’ program to address the issues faced by the people. Different delegations with various concerns, such as the electric transformer issue and road problems, also met with us, and we listened to their concerns.”
“We have assured people that we will take up their problems with the concerned departments and make efforts to resolve them promptly. Pampore is a significant constituency where there has always been injustice, and we want people to join us. People are discerning now, and they will vote based on the work done. Only those who work for the people will succeed. My message to every people is to come to us, join hands, witness our work firsthand, and then lead us forward together.”

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