Soliha Shameem: A Rising Star in the World of Calligraphy

Srinagar: Soliha Shameem is a talented calligrapher and a dedicated student currently studying in Class 12th (Arts) at the Government Higher Secondary School Noorpora, Tral. At the young age of 17, Soliha discovered her passion for calligraphy and has been pursuing it ever since. Soliha comes from a supportive family, with her father Shameem Ahmad Dar being a successful businessman. She also has a younger brother, aged 12, who looks up to her for inspiration. Soliha’s family has always encouraged her to pursue her interests and excel in her studies.
Apart from calligraphy, Soliha has a keen interest in cricket and painting. She enjoys these hobbies as they allow her to explore different forms of artistic expression. However, it is her skill and dedication in calligraphy that has garnered her recognition and accolades. In 2023, Soliha secured the first position in the Calligraphy Competition held at the University of Kashmir. This achievement not only highlights her talent but also reflects her hard work and commitment in honing her craft. She has also received a certificate of appreciation in a Calligraphy Competition held in Tral, along with numerous other medals and certificates from various institutions and NGOs.
Soliha’s journey in calligraphy has been guided and encouraged by her parents, and teachers at the Government Higher Secondary School Noorpora. One individual who has played a significant role in shaping her artistic pursuits is Mr. Aftab Ahmad Bhat, the head of the institute. His unwavering support and guidance have allowed Soliha to participate in school and district-level competitions, enabling her to showcase her talent and achieve remarkable success. Despite her passion for martial arts, Soliha was forced to discontinue her training due to her mother’s illness. However, she has still managed to excel in her calligraphy endeavours and find solace in her art.
Recently, Soliha’s inspiring life and her dedication to calligraphy have been documented in a book written by Imran Kashmiri, a budding writer from Srinagar. The book titled “Inspiring Story of Soliha Shameem: A Girl Can Do Anything” published by Notion Press sheds light on Soliha’s artistic journey and highlights her passion for calligraphy. In recognition of her incredible achievements, she was presented with a certificate by Notion Press, acknowledging her accomplishments and expressing belief in her potential to contribute to the progress of the country.
Soliha’s achievements serve as an inspiration to other students in her school and community. Her story showcases the limitless possibilities that dedication and perseverance can bring. Soliha’s success reminds everyone that with talent, hard work, and support, anything is possible. Her achievements not only bring pride to her school and community but also inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace their artistic abilities. With a bright future ahead, Soliha Shameem is poised to continue making waves in the world of calligraphy and beyond. Her talent, coupled with her determination and the support of her loved ones, will undoubtedly lead her to achieve even greater accomplishments. Soliha’s journey as a calligrapher highlights the power of passion and the impact of support. Her story proves that with the right environment and opportunities, young artists can thrive and achieve incredible success.
Soliha Shameem’s journey as a calligrapher highlights not only her talent and dedication but also the crucial role that support and encouragement play in nurturing young artists. Her achievements at such a young age are a testament to her passion for calligraphy and her unwavering commitment to honing her skills. With a promising future ahead, Soliha has the potential to make a significant impact in the world of calligraphy and serve as an inspiration for aspiring artists. The teaching and non-teaching faculty of the Government Higher Secondary School Noorpora extend their heartfelt wishes for Soliha’s future success. They acknowledge her dedication, talent, and determination and are confident that she will continue to achieve great heights in her artistic pursuits.

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