Pampore: Endeavours Coaching Academy Pampore conducted a Scholarship Test on Sunday for students in 8th, 9th, and 10th grades.
Over 100 students from various educational institutions in Saffron town Pampore, including MEI, DMPS, DPS, and Birla, actively participated in the examination.
The scholarship initiative aims to support students in their academic pursuits, and Endeavours Coaching Academy is set to commence coaching classes for 8th, 9th, and 10th grades starting next week. Omar Masoodi, a representative of the academy, said that at least three students will be awarded 100% scholarships, allowing them to study free of cost for the entire session.
This effort by Endeavours Coaching Academy reflects a commitment to educational empowerment and fostering academic excellence within the local student community.
The academy is being run under the mentorship of Aadil Bhat, a renowned education promoter. The event was attended by various dignitaries including Adv. Nadeem Qadri, Omar Baba, Member, Education Committee, Dar-ul-Uloom Shah-i-Hamdaan Memorial Trust and Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Deputy Grand Master.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Mehraj ud Din, a teacher, said, “Last year, we conducted a scholarship test for students, and we awarded scholarships to 9 students—some received 100 percent, some 50 percent, and others 25 percent. We have been providing coaching to these students since last year, completing their syllabus. The upcoming exams for these students are scheduled to take place in the months from March onwards.”
This year, we have also conducted a scholarship test for students from different educational institutions in Pampore, and more than 100 students participated in it, he said. “We conduct this scholarship test for two main reasons. Firstly, we provide either 100 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent scholarships to students. Secondly, it offers students exposure, bringing together participants from different schools.”
Mehraj added, “Interacting with each other gives them exposure. Another advantage is that when students reach higher classes and face exams like NEET and civil services such as IAS and JKAS, where objective-type questions are prevalent, we prefer to train them early. We teach them how to face these exams, and how to deal with objective-type papers, and we emphasize avoiding wrong answers due to negative marking. Hence, this scholarship test serves the purpose of granting scholarships to students and providing them with valuable exposure while also training them to face various exams.”

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