KU, SMHS Hospital unite for blood donation, awareness drive

Srinagar: The collaborative spirit between the National Service Scheme (NSS) at the University of Kashmir and SMHS Hospital flourished in a momentous event that combined a blood donation camp with a robust awareness drive at the university’s health center. The convergence of these institutions garnered enthusiastic participation from a significant number of students and staff, resulting in the collection of approximately 50 pints of life-saving blood.
Dr. Musavir Ahmed, Coordinator of NSS (KU), passionately highlighted the enduring commitment shared by NSS and the University of Kashmir toward societal welfare. Beyond their academic endeavors, he emphasized the profound impact of such events in instilling invaluable moral lessons among students. These initiatives not only save lives but also inspire individuals with a deeper sense of social responsibility and empathy.
Dr. Nisar Ahmad Mir, Registrar, University of Kashmir, hailed the noble cause championed by the collaborative effort. He emphasized the indispensable life lessons students glean from such engagements, underscoring the paramount importance of health as a cornerstone of well-being for all individuals. Beyond the tangible impact of saving lives through blood donations, these initiatives serve as catalysts for fostering awareness and holistic well-being within the university and its broader community.
Dr. Josephine Shahmiri from SMHS Hospital expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Vice-Chancellor for enabling this collaborative endeavor. She commended the overwhelming response received from both students and staff during the blood donation drive.
However, Dr. Shahmiri also voiced concern over the unexpected revelation of low blood counts among seemingly healthy students, attributing this issue to fasting practices prevalent among them.

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