Tehsildar Pampore’s evening office initiative in far-flung areas hailed by people

Pampore: In a praiseworthy endeavour to address the concerns of remote areas, Tehsildar Pampore, Zuber Ahmad Bhat (KAS), initiated a unique evening office programme in the tehsil. This innovative initiative is aimed at bridging the gap between the administration and the rural populace.
As part of this initiative, Tehsildar Pampore along with his team including Patwari and other staff members visited Gujjar Basti Batdalaw Khrew and other areas of Pampore Tehsil, actively engaging with villagers and listening to their problems on doorsteps well into the late hours. His hands-on involvement and commitment to public service were evident during these interactions.
Zuber demonstrated exemplary dedication by launching the ‘Unique’ evening office initiative, directly interacting with villagers, and understanding their concerns and challenges with genuine interest.
The villagers expressed deep gratitude for Tehsildar Pampore’s late-hour visits, appreciating his efforts to connect with the community.
This unique evening office initiative not only bridged the gap between the administration and the rural residents but also strengthened the bond between the villagers and Tehsildar Pampore. His proactive approach and commitment to addressing the issues faced by far-flung areas have earned him widespread respect and admiration from the local residents.
Tehsildar Pampore’s willingness to engage with the community during unconventional hours has set a remarkable example of public service. His efforts have fostered a sense of trust and confidence among the villagers, creating a positive impact on their lives.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader at Batdalaw, Tehsildar Pampore said that they have launched a programme from today evening to reach the remote villages where people cannot visit the office. “This initiative aims to address the grievances of those who cannot reach our office. Today, we visited Batdalaw Khrew, a Gujjar Basti located uphill, and have successfully resolved several issues, including those related to revenue documents. We intend to solve the remaining problems within the next couple of days,” he said.
“I appeal to all the residents of the villages in Tehsil Pampore if you believe you have any grievances and are unable to reach the revenue department, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone in any way possible. We will come to your doorstep and resolve your grievances,” Zuber said
Mohammad Bashir Chechi, a local from Batdalaw Khrew, said, “Tehsildar Sahab along with his team visited our home during late hours, accompanied by a gathering of people from the locality. During his visit, he listened to the issues faced by the residents. One of the primary concerns was related to our water supply, which he promptly resolved. Additionally, several other long-standing problems were addressed and resolved effectively,” he said.
He appreciated Tehsildar’s efforts in understanding and addressing the demands of the residents. “Tehsildar Pampore is the first official who visited our home during the evening hours, listened to our grievances, and resolved our problems,” he said.
Rameez Ahmad Wani, a local youth from Shar Shali, said their problem was related to the road, and I am thankful to Tehsildar Pampore for resolving the issue. “Tehsildar Sahab assured us that any future issues should be reported to him, and he will resolve them. We express our gratitude; he is doing the best work for us, solving our problems even during the night,” Wani said.

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