Chairman MC Pampore distributes 4,000 dustbins in town, seeks public support to ensure cleanliness

Pampore: In a proactive move to promote cleanliness and responsible waste management, Chairman Municipal Committee Pampore Malik Yaqoob initiated the distribution of 4,000 green dustbins among the residents of Saffron Town Pampore in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
The dustbins were distributed in the presence of Sanitary Inspector Municipal Committee Pampore Mohammad Shaf, Councillor Arfat Khan, Javaid Ahmad and others.
The Chairman Municipal Committee Pampore, emphasized the significance of maintaining the town’s cleanliness and appealed to residents to refrain from disposing of garbage on roads, lanes, and corners.
During the distribution event, Chairman Malik Yaqoob underscored the importance of responsible waste disposal and urged residents to hand over their garbage only to the designated vehicles operated by Municipal Committee Pampore. These vehicles have been exclusively designated for the purpose of collecting waste, ensuring a cleaner environment for everyone.
The Chairman announced that councillors would be conducting door-to-door visits to create awareness about waste segregation. “As more of these dustbins are distributed, the initiative aims to educate residents about the importance of separating recyclable and non-recyclable waste, further enhancing the effectiveness of the town’s waste management system,” he said.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Malik Yaqoob expressed his determination to uphold the reputation of Pampore, known worldwide for its Saffron production. He emphasized the need for cleanliness and urged the community to actively participate in maintaining the town’s hygiene.
“I want Saffron Town to be renowned not just for saffron but also for its cleanliness. It is essential for the residents to cooperate and work together to keep our town clean,” he said and highlighted the significance of collective effort and stressed that the cooperation of the residents is vital in achieving this goal.
Malik said the distribution of 4000 dustbins was handed over to councillors, in the presence of the Sanctuary Inspector. These dustbins are designated for every ward in the town. “In the coming days, these dustbins will be delivered to every household. If anyone does not receive a dustbin, they can contact me or the councillors directly,” he added.
The MC Chairman reiterated the importance of collaboration between the community and the Municipal Committee. He urged residents to reach out to the councillors and seek additional dustbins if required. “We have a shared responsibility towards our town. The Municipal Committee has its duties, and so do the residents. I request everyone not to dispose of waste on the roads or drainage systems. That is why we have distributed these dustbins. If more are needed, please contact us. We will ensure that dustbins reach every home,” he affirmed.
“I am thankful to the people of Saffron Town for the cooperation we have received so far. Keeping Saffron Town clean and tidy is only possible when the community actively participates. Your support is crucial, and I am confident that together, we can maintain the cleanliness of our beloved town,” he said.

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