Violence begets violence, not peace. Israel received what they have been giving to Palatine since 1948.

Imperialistic or colonial countries promulgate a meta-narrative that serves their end of modifying the knowledge- -schema to appreciate and acknowledge things in a certain perspective that is different from the mainstream perspective and consequently, it is internalized and believed as true without questioning its validity and reliability. Israel and the United States developed the invincibility-meta-narrative that gave them rock reinforcement to stand upright on the sliding sinking sand. This meta-narrative worked surreptitiously and gave birth to an invulnerable ideology that diffused worldwide and far. Non-Americans and Israelites were adroitly taught that they were weak, inferior, uncivilised, uncivilized and most importantly vulnerable- they could not hit back, what and who hit them. The vulnerability-phobia legitimized the invulnerability of Israel and the United States had smoothened the trajectories of domination and annexation that the world witnesses today.
Palestine is a living instance of this domination and annexation. It was experimented on its people who lost everything to it. Not only its people are subjugated but its land is also illegally annexed to the unrecognized Israel state, a state that does not even own its land to stand and exist. It is a bizarre state that has no similitude in the world. It stands on the invincibility-meta-narrative that has been fabricated by the simulated Israel-intellectualism. An intellectualism that is obnoxious to downtrodden people and is complicit with the tyrannical regime is simulated.
Ali Shariati and Noam Chomsky hold that the responsibility of intellectuals is to resist the tyrannical regime stand against it and motivate people to join them after revealing intricate structures of colonialism and imperialism to them. Silence is the bigger crime in the era of discourse. Syed Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese resistance leader and cleric, had long ago foreshadowed that “the invincibility- meta-narrative of Israel is weaker than spider’s web” and it has been proving true since then. The bogus invincibility circle of Israel has badly been breached now and the world has seen it. It had been breached by the resistance faction that formed itself on account of the innocent massacres, dispossessions and displacements, usurpations, and mainly on account of snobbish and radical behaviours of Israelite authorities. The radical policies of Israel towards Palestine gave birth to this resistance faction. The braggart promulgation of invincible-meta-narrative provoked Hamas to breach it by incursions through land, sea and air. Now insecurity and despondency prevail in Israel failing to come to terms with the recent happenings. This incursion has significance paramount to 9/11 and the Holocaust. How would Israel deal with this situation is a debate everyone indulges in. This incursion would ensure a change in the world order of power and authority. Israel has to face serious security issues now that it has never faced since the Holocaust. The world is yet to understand the awakening power of oppression. Hamas had demonstrated a glance of it only. The fever of supremacy and sovereignty had subsided now. People had seen missiles flying to Tel Aviv breaking through the invincible nets and narratives.
Yuval Noah Harari also foretold that “Netanyahu could go down in history as a man who destroyed Israel”. His power-arrogance and invincibility-meta-narrative perpetrated barbarity both on his own country and on Palestine as well but Hamas shattered this arrogance into pieces by killing more than eight hundred Israelis within hours and by taking more than one hundred fifty soldiers hostage. The threat of vulnerability looms not only over Israel but over its closest ally America as well. Before the United States could send their troops and jets to Tel Aviv as an instant assistance to Israel, Iran and Lebanon warned them not to plunge into this war or its circumferences would expand to the whole Middle East.
Palestine-Israel war is a war of evacuation and settlement, indigeneity and foreignness, eviction and resistance and a war of vulnerability against self-constructed invulnerability. It ensued futility and keeps on ensuing it ceaselessly. Pablo Neruda pathetically invited us thrice to see innocent blood in the streets of Palestine since 1948. And Mahmoud Darwish would question us, “Where is futility? and where are we?” and our ready reply is that it is found in Palestine and we stand witness to this futility and our onus is to witness it to others. This unending war is the greatest challenge to the world and if it does not stop, the extinction of humans and humanity will go on vanishing from the Palestine-earth. Only futility will remain behind and it does not become humans and this earth to see futility all around. Hamas had begun fulfilling the forecast of Iranian supreme leader, Syed Ali Khamnaie, who said in 2015 that within 25 years, Israel would lose its power and its invincibility meta-narrative would be challenged by everyone in the world. The violence perpetrated on Israel has ensued from greater violence perpetrated on Palestinians every day since the creation of Israel.
Violence begets violence, not peace. Israel received what they have been giving to Palatine since 1948. Palestine-Israel war is a war of narratives. Since its creation, Israel grappled with the unrecognizing narrative of Palestine. Palestine never recognized Israel as a state or a nation. Hamas formed a counter-narrative against the Zionistic narrative of acceptance. Israel asked for acceptance as a state but Palestine unrecognized it. This has led to the current ongoing unending war. These two separate narratives colluded and burst into war leading to the loss of hundreds and thousands of innocent lives.
Edward Said says in his book “The Question of Palestine” that the creation of Zionism was a European project that materialized in Palestine because Zionism in Europe was a great threat to the whole of Europe. Israel had no existence except as an exiled nation but they usurped Palestine and made it their home so that they eliminated the tag ‘exiled’ from their identity and history. They wanted to rewrite their history because their history was a question mark on their identity. They wanted Jewish sovereignty to prevail in the world but Hamas has foiled their ill designs and fantasies. This war will not end till both the narratives merge or one narrative is withdrawn and another is left to exist.
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