Pampore: The ICAR Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH) located at the old airport in Srinagar held a “transformative” one-day training cum awareness programme focused on Intercropping Farming in collaboration with the Kissan Advisory Board.
The event marked a crucial step toward equipping local farmers with innovative techniques to enhance their agricultural practices. With the participation of 25 forward-thinking farmers from five villages in Pampore Tehsil, the programme aimed to introduce the concept of intercropping farming and empower these farmers to maximize their horticulture production.
Led by Kissan Advisory Board member Irshad Ahmad Dar, the group of progressive farmers delved into a comprehensive training regimen. The event provided a platform for farmers to learn about modern intercropping techniques that have the potential to significantly boost yields and optimize land utilization, officials told Kashmir Reader.
A highlight of the event was the interaction between the farmers and Mahendra Kumar Verma, Director of the prestigious Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture.
Verma underscored the importance of embracing the intercropping methods taught during the training and urged the participating farmers to integrate these practices into their fields. The initiative sought not only to educate farmers but also to raise awareness about contemporary agricultural methods that can revolutionize horticulture production. By introducing such advanced techniques, ICAR CITH continues to play a pivotal role in transforming traditional farming practices and empowering local farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in an increasingly competitive agricultural landscape.
“The aim of the programme was how to increase production of saffron through developing high-quality corm nurseries,” Dr Verma told Kashmir Reader, adding that they also aim to introduce high-yielding new verities of almond which include Shalimar, Makhdoom, Waris and California and others.
He said that these verities produce better yield and fetch more rates in the market. He urged the farmers to adopt intercropping of saffron with almonds on medium density pattern.
Member Kisan Advisory Board Irshad Ahmad Dar told Kashmir Reader that 25 farmers are under the training module on high-density plantation and intercropping. “The training turned very beneficial for farmers and they were happy with it,” he said.

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