Stray dog attacks: Ensure canines are sterilised, vaccinated to keep their population under control, animal right activists

Stray dog attacks: Ensure canines are sterilised, vaccinated to keep their population under control, animal right activists

New Delhi: Animal right activists have urged authorities to set up community kitchens to feed stray dogs and ensure that they are sterilised and vaccinated to keep their population under control, days after two children were mauled to death by canines in Vasant Kunj here.

The minor brothers were found dead over the span of two days.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said that “assumptions” must not be made as dogs “do not normally attack unprovoked.” “The incident is very tragic and bizarre, and the authorities need to thoroughly investigate what exactly happened.

“Assumptions must not be made especially as dogs do not normally attack unprovoked. If the Animal Birth Control Dog Rules 2001 would have been implemented, there would be no dog packs,” PETA India told PTI in a statement. “We urge the local authorities to ensure dogs in the area are sterilised and vaccinated immediately to keep their population under control,” they added. Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi on Tuesday held and emergency meeting and instructed officials to prepare an action plan within a week to control the menace of stray dogs.

After the Vasant Kunj incident, 50 dogs have been picked up, of which 90 per cent were found sterilised, the mayor was informed during the meeting.

Animal activist and founder of Noida-based NGO House of Stray animals, Sanjay Mohapatra said the administration should consider having monitoring committees to effectively implement animal birth control rules and community kitchen should also be set up in different areas to feed the stray dogs. “There is huge amount of corruption when it comes to effectively implementing animal birth control rules. Monitoring committees should be set up to end corruption and effectively implement the birth control rules. “Community kitchen should also be set up in different localities to feed the stray dogs and coexist peacefully with them,” Mohapatra told PTI. He further suggested that awareness campaigns should also be conducted to understand animal behaviour to avoid incidents of stray dog attacks in the future. The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 provides for sterilisation and vaccination of stray dogs to control the their population.

It was introduced to keep population of stray dogs under control, prevent dog attacks and reduce the conflict between people and dogs.

Animal activist and trustee at People For Animals (PFA), Ambika Shukla said they would like to meet the mayor and present their suggestions to help resolve the stray dog menace. Speaking to PTI, Shukla said, “When you build a house, you consult an architect. When you deal with an animal-related issue, you refer to activists who work on the ground.

“We would be glad to meet the mayor and present our suggestions to her. We would also like to have a clear and impartial hearing with the mayor so that she can evaluate the suggestions.” She said the suggestions will defuse the situation, end conflicts and put into place a satisfactory programme towards peaceful coexistence between the people and the stray dogs. Some of the stray dog feeders in Noida have alleged that members of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) have listed out terms and conditions for those who feed the stray dogs on a regular basis.

Apart from the Vasant Kunj incident, several similar incidents of stray dog attacks have been reported across the country in the last two months.

On February 22, an incident of street dogs targeting an infant in Hyderabad was reported, where a four-year-old boy playing outside his house in Chaitanyapuri was attacked by the canines, leading to bleeding injuries.

It came close on the heels of attack on another four-year-old boy being attacked and killed by a pack of stray dogs in Amberpet in Hyderabad on February 19. The child was apparently carrying a packet containing some food item when the dogs pounced on him, a Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) official had said.

Stray dogs attack was also reported in Gujarat’s Surat, where a four-year-old boy was mauled to death by the canines. The incident occurred in Kareli village and at least four stray dogs attacked the boy and also injured his neck.



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