One’s faith will increase when one reads beneficial books, especially books written by practicing Muslim writers. The book is the best giver of sermons and it has a forceful effect in guiding one toward goodness and away from evil.
Nourishment of the soul is in concepts and meanings not in food and drink. Books are one of the best tools for training and upbringing. A good book always has a salutary effect on the mind of a reader. There are many benefits to reading books. So what exactly do humans get from reading books? Is it just a matter of fun or are there far beyond that? Reading books benefit both your physical and mental health, and this benefit lasts a long.
The study is of great importance in the building of human beings and civilizations and in the development of thought and skill, as it results in new useful information and pure knowledge that illuminates the mind with the light of beneficial ideas.
The first verse of the Qur’an that was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is “Recite in the name of your Lord who created.” This is proof of knowledge, excellence, importance, and greatness for us.
Reading is the most important means of acquiring knowledge and developing mental abilities and various skills. Despite the tremendous advancement in modern technology, books still hold special importance in its all forms.
Reading books is very important because when a person reads a book, the brain processes a lot of information at once, and this opens up different perspectives for the person to absorb, especially, if it is something mysterious. Reading an interesting book, as the individual’s mind then continuously tries to guess and predict the events, and connect an event, and in the end, try to reach a conclusion and meaning. And it is worth noting that all this helps to sharpen the mind and enhance both analytical and critical thinking skills.
One of the many reasons why reading is so important and beneficial to the individual and society, in our lives is that it allows creative thinking. Reading can inspire you when you feel bored or down. It can help give you that much-needed refreshment. Reading helps to get the creative side of your mind into thinking.
Not only is reading good for the soul and mind, but one of the many reasons reading is important is that it makes for a great conversation starter, reading provides you with a great deal of new information, and it can connect people from all over the world.
Reading can actually help you to de-stress, as it is the perfect way to relax and calm those constantly running nerves.
A recent study found that just 6 minutes of reading was shown to reduce muscle tension and slow the heart rate of readers as well. Overall, it reduced stress levels by 68%, which is enough to convince you of the importance of reading
Reading is the medium that opens up new horizons for man to acquire ideas, science and knowledge because it nurtures human abilities and brings him closer to the future because it enables him to possess the knowledge of science.
Its access is a way to nation-building and is the only way to create creators and the emergence of creativity, thinkers, inventors and writers and it frees minds from superstitions, backwardness and ignorance.
Reading becomes an important means of mental and moral training. What we read settles in our hearts, mind, body and soul and then becomes prominent in our actions.
Reading is a means of relieving sadness and anxiety and reducing mental stress.
The habit of reading saves a person from many negative, useless, wasteful and absurd activities. The habit of reading improves the personality and makes the time purposeful.
Reading sharpens a person’s memory and paves the way for success in this world and the hereafter.
By reading, one can benefit from the experiences and observations of great thinkers of human history, jurists, hadiths, poets, writers, philosophers, etc.
Reading provides peace of mind and comfort.
Reading books not only provides mental satisfaction but also enlightens the human heart and mind.
With the passage of age, people tend to forget things. But by studying, the mind becomes sharper. And the habit of forgetting is also relieved. A person should study more and more so that the heart and mind of a person always remain fresh.
Imam Bukhari was asked, “What is the medicine of memorization?” He replied, “Reading books.”
Hasan Basri said, “Forty years passed on me in such a way that the book was on my chest when I woke up.”
Regarding Imam Abu Hanifa, it is believed that he used to spend most of the night studying books. It is said about an elder Abu Jafar that he had 4,00,000 books.
In short, we have a special relationship with Muslims. This was also the first revelation on the Seal of the Prophets (PBUH).
If you have a fancy house and a bank balance and no personal library, I must say that you are a poor person
No matter where two people might be, if they read the same book, it will always connect them ideologically maybe help you befriend someone from another continent or find a romantic partner somewhere.
Someone has said it well, “The dearest place in the world is a swimming saddle… and the best companion in all time is a book”.

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