KVK Srinagar organises awareness program for tribal farmers of Faqir Gujri, under JS Abhiyan

Srinagar: KVK, Srinagar conducted an awareness program for the tribal farmer sunder Jal Shakti Abhiyanat Faqir Gujri B, Harwan today on 4th of Number 2022. Head KVK, Srinagar along with the team of scientists attended the program with the participation of more than fifty (50) farmers including Sarpanch Shameema and her team of panchs.
Head KVK appraised the farmers with the overall them of program and laid stress upon the need of water conservation, organic farming and the importance for the formation of farmer producer organizations (FPOs). Scientists of the KVK deliberated upon the different water conservation techniques viz rain water harvesting, micro-irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, use of mulching for insitu moisture conservation and weed management.
Further, scientists emphasized upon the conservation of water bodies against being getting polluted with different harmful pollutants which otherwise might be harmful for both animal as well as for the plants consumption and also the importance of organic farming was highlighted and stress was laid upon its urgent accomplishment in order to get rid from number of diseases and disorders which have been reported mainly due to consumption of in organically produced food commodities.
During the program vermin-compost kits were also distributed among the farmers as an initiative towards organic farming. The farming community expressed their satisfaction with the kind of awareness they perceived and appreciated the efforts of the KVK for approaching this far-flung area of the district.

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