Prof Mohiuddin Hajni remembered on his 105th Anniversary

Hajin: Kashmir’s literary icon professor Mohiuddin Hajini was remembered on annual Hajini day organised by Halqa Adab Hajin at Town Hall Hajin on Sunday .
Azhar Hajni, Media Secretary of the HAS welcomed the guests and gave a detailed outline of the literary events organized by the organization during the last year in the form of annual report.
“Khilat e Hajini “of the year 2022 was awarded to Professor Shad Ramzan, a well-known teacher of Kashmiri language, poet and writer.
Expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the HAS on this occasion,
Professor Shad Ramzan mentioned the pride associated with this award given by this literary organization and said that although he has received dozens of local and national level awards. However, it was his long-held dream to attain the Khilat e Hajini 2022.
The first session of Mohi-ud-Din Hajni was presided over by Dr. Rafiq Masoodi, former secretary of the Cultural Academy and writer. Sona ullah Niaz was also present in the presidium .
Sheikh Mohammad Ijaz delivered this year’s Hajini Memorial Lecture on New Education Policy and Kashmiri-Language – Concerns and Prospects.
Sanaullah Niaz, a founding member of the literary organization and a well-known Kashmiri poet, was elected patron of the literary association.
The second session of the function was chaired by Prof. Muhammad Zaman Azarda. ADC Bandipora Waseem Raja joined the meeting as a special guest. Mohammad Amin Butt, President, Kamraz Literary Center, Jammu and Kashmir and Shakir Shafi, President, Adab Hajan Constituency were also present in the Presidency.
In this session, Shakir Shafi delivered a keynote address, mentioning the significant achievements of Prof. Mohi-ud-Din Hajni in the literary world and reiterated that the literary circle would continue to hold similar events on the deeds of its predecessors and esteemed elders.
Will expressing his views on the occasion, President Adabi Markaz Kamraz Muhammad Amin Butt said that the HAS is at the forefront of the active units of Adabi Markaz Kamraz which is at the forefront in the development and promotion of Kashmiri language and literature.
In his presidential address, Prof. Muhammad Zaman Azarda presided over the session and narrated many stories based on sincerity and love with Prof. Mohi-ud-Din Hajni. Do not spare a minute to bring it to light. Explaining the reason for attending the function despite his illness, he said that it was his heartfelt and emotional attachment with Halqa-e-Adab and Hajan that drew him back to this literary town.
In the last session many Kashmiri language poets presented their own poems on the topic of Hajin and received praise from the audience.
The young poet Sagar Sarfraz directed the poetry session . “

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