The future of sports betting: integrating technology into the current framework

The future of sports betting: integrating technology into the current framework

As Apple is gearing up to launch their first Mixed Reality (MR) headset, the gambling industry is likely to take strides toward integrating Virtual Reality (VR) into sports betting and fantasy sports.

According to ENV, about 70% of real-money gamers in India are under the age of 34. This same group is the keenest on flexibility, and eager to embrace an immersive gaming experience. While only 62% of bets are made on smartphones, this is the same bracket of individuals most likely to play on mobile phones. In other words, this is exactly the demographic most likely to get excited about Apple’s new MR device.

How new technologies will affect cricket betting

One of the best things about technology is that it evolves exponentially. Take sports betting as an example. While still mostly illegal in India, it has evolved from back street bookies, writing up your bets on paper tickets, to a much more controlled online system.

In the last couple of years, there has been another huge leap forward with the advent of fantasy betting. And the next likely jump will be into the metaverse with virtual reality transforming the world of sport betting.

Online sports betting sites already offer numerous virtual sporting events. Based on the stats used to create this gaming format, it is likely that just like fantasy betting, that if this mode of gambling were to go to court in India, it will most likely also be seen as a game of skill, and thereby, also deemed as legal.

One of the most exciting ideas is what can be done with VR. A great example is what UK-based William Hill is planning on doing in this space. They recently announced a partnership with Unit9 to create “Get in the Race”. The unique app will mix the excitement of live betting, on horseracing, with VR. During live races, bettors will be able to view the race from the point of view of their chosen jockey.

While VR could be used in a similar way for online cricket betting, the opportunities for Augmented Reality (AR) might be even more interesting.

Imagine watching a cricket match on tv, using AR you could pull up all sorts of real time stats on the match, players, and previous games in the current tournament. At the same time, you could place live bets. All while never needing to take your eyes off of the match.

Having stats pop-up in a AR view as you watch a game would also improve a player’s cricket predictions, and in so doing be a beneficial step towards more a responsible gambling environment overall.


The new Apple device will help pave the way

This might all sound like a far-off futuristic dream, but Apple’s belief in these technologies is going a far way to prove just how viable these ideas actually are.

While Apple haven’t announced any official news on the release, most industry chatter suggests that the tech giant will release a mixed reality (MR) headset as opposed to a solely AR or VR option. Most reports suggest the headset will be launched later in 2022, or perhaps early 2023.

Even though nothing is official, the beta version of iOS 16 is full of references to this proposed headset.

Most sources suggest that this headset will have a strong focus on gaming, making it ideal for integration with online gambling.



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