UNICEF India calls for urgent action for safe reopening of schools

UNICEF India calls for urgent action for safe reopening of schools

New Delhi: UNICEF India unveiled a symbolic ‘Pandemic Classroom’ installation in the national capital to mark Children’s Day on Sunday, ahead of the World Children’s Day on November 20, and called for urgent action to support learning.

Empty rows of desks and chairs along with unused backpacks were set up to draw attention to the plight of millions of young children who missed going to school for over a year due to closures in the wake of the pandemic and have consequently experienced learning loss.

UNICEF India Representative Yasumasa Kimura unveiled the installation by ringing a school bell.

“Each empty desk in this symbolic pandemic classroom is dedicated to the millions of children who have faced learning challenges. With each passing day, every child who misses out on learning falls further behind in their development and many may never return to school. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable are paying the heaviest price of school closures and many have forgotten to read or write,” Kimura said.

“The future of an entire generation is at stake. We urge parents to come together with school administrations and the government to support safe reopening of schools and learning recovery programmes to reach and benefit all children. Each of us has a role to play in improving learning recovery and opportunities for children in India,” he added. PTI

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