AAC concerned over violation of basic rights of people

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Awami Action Committee (AAC) in a statement deeply regretted the increasing intimidation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir by the ruling dispensation, and the continued violation of their basic civil and human rights. The implementation of new laws being applied day in and out, dis empowering the people and meant to create a sense of fear and insecurity among them is very worrying. Arrests of youth continue unabated in the name of security and law and order.
While the condition of hundreds of prisoners languishing in jails and detention centres is painful
AAC chairman and Mirwaiz of kashmir Mohammad Umar Farooq, continues to be under house detention since August 2019, with a posse of armed men and vehicles permanently stationed outside his house.
Being the Mirwaiz, his illegal detention prevents him from performing even the basic duties the key religious institution he represents demands of him, which is highly condemnable. This unwarranted and direct intrusion in the religious affairs of the people of J&K, causes deep hurt and anger among people but due to severe repression they cannot even express it . AAC appeals to all religious leaders and organisations across India and the world, to raise their voice in support of the release of the Mirwaiz of Jammu and Kashmir so that he can resume the religious, social and political obligations this important religious institution entails upon him.
AAC said that as per media and family sources, the condition of most of the political prisoners in jails across India and Jammu and Kashmir including Mohammad Yasin Malik , Shabir Ahmed Shah, Adv Shahidul Islam, Asiya Andrabi and others is going from bad to worse as they are suffering from various ailments due to continued incarceration and lack of proper medical care.
The statement urged upon the United Nations, the key world body and global rights organisations to break their silence and call for an end to the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir, release of all political prisoners and restoration of basic and all human and civil rights in the territory.
AAC said that it is incumbent upon the United Nations to play its role in the peaceful resolution of the longstanding Kashmir issue in keeping with the will and aspirations of the people of J&k and for the stability of the region

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