District Budgam yearns for infrastructural upgradation: Muntazir Mohi-ud-din

SRINAGAR :Apni Party State Secretary and District President Budgam Muntazir Mohi-ud-din on Tuesday expressed dismay over the mediocre public infrastructure, especially the dilapidated condition of roads across the district Budgam.
In a statement issued here, Mohi-ud-din said that local residents are facing immense inconvenience while travelling within the district as most of the roads have cavernous potholes where water remains accumulated all the time.
“The upper black-top layer of the roads in Budgam stands eroded, thus making it immensely hard and rough for the vehicles to be driven over it. People who have to commute on a routine basis have been raising their concerns perpetually but all in vain as the lackadaisical approach of the administration has kept the situation lingering rather further deteriorating,” he observed.
Mohi-ud-din urged the district administration to take prompt steps with regards to the construction and macadamization of the main and link roads in the district especially in Budgam constituency where the condition of roads has gone from bad to worse.
He said as winter approaches, the people will have to experience a further addition to their existing woes in case the roads are left unmended.
Besides, Apni Party State Secretary also demanded to repair the sagging wires and decrepit electric poles that are even kept hanging from tree branches at many places.
“The wobbly condition of electric wires along with the rotten wooden poles pose a serious threat to the people and the concerned department must carry out comprehensive inspection drives in this regard via which they should replace the faulty wires and defective poles. It will also help to ensure that the lives and property of the general public is safeguarded,” he demanded.
Mohi-ud-din also urged the administration to provide electricity connections to those families who live at the far-flung and remote villages of district Budgam.
“In the 21st century, every single person is entitled to have electricity at their homes. The government must see to it that schemes like DDUGJY are implemented in district Budgam in letter and spirit through which numerous homes, which still do not have the electricity connections, are benefitted,” he asserted.

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