GMC hosts CME session on World Hepatitis Day

JAMMU: To raise awareness about Viral Hepatitis and mark the World Hepatitis Day, a Continued Medical Education (CME) session was organised here in Government Medical College Jammu on this year’s theme “Hepatitis Can’t Wait”.
The CME was attended by HoDs, Officers from the administration, Faculty Members, Registrars, Post Graduate Students, Paramedical and Nursing Staff.
Dr. Shashi Sudhan Sharma, Principal, Govt. Medical College Jammu gave a detailed description of Hepatitis A to E. She said, after every 30 seconds, a patient is dying due to viral Hepatitis or illness related to it. She said the theme of World Hepatitis day “Hepatitis Can’t Wait” has been kept so as to create awareness amongst the Doctors & the public about the Silent pandemic of Hepatitis which is more prevalent and dangerous than HIV infection. India is also facing a huge burden of Hepatitis disease and the national plan is to curtail the disease burden by 2030 which can only be achieved with the collective efforts of the general public,Doctors and the Media.
Dr. Kanika Razdan, Sr. Resident Microbiology spoke on the topic “National Viral Hepatitis Control Program”. She said Hepatitis B and C are responsible for 96% of overall hepatitis mortality. She said that in these diseases the most common modes of infection are through unsafe injection practices, IV drug abuse and transfusion of unscreened blood and blood products. It is a more dangerous because it remains as an asymptomatic disease to a large extent.
Dr. Vijayant Singh Chandail, Professor, Department of Medicine spoke in detail about the types of Hepatitis, differences in presentation of acute and chronic disease, testing and management of Hepatitis. He said that creating awareness about hepatitis is the key to decrease the morbidity and mortality due to hepatitis. The emphasis was given on what steps to be undertaken by healthcare workers to prevent hepatitis infection and measures to be taken in case there is an accidental needle prick injury to any Health care worker.
Dr. Vijay Kundal, Professor said in the concluding speech that awareness of the public needs to be increased about the disease burden and the heavy economic cost of Hepatitis illness. Further the Department of Medicine and Microbiology are collaborating creating awareness & managing patients of Hepatitis in Jammu Province.

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