Only vaccinated butchers should slaughter animals: GMC prof

Only vaccinated butchers should slaughter animals: GMC prof

SRINAGAR: In view of increase in interactions, social and religious gatherings, besides other activities including slaughtering and distribution of meat on Eid-ul-Adha, experts have advised the general public to get their sacrificial animals slaughtered by those butchers only who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Also, only vaccinated members of the family should come in contact with the sacrificial animal, they say.

Dr M Salim Khan, Professor & Head Community Medicine, GMC, Srinagar, said that only vaccinated butchers should slaughter sacrificial animals as unvaccinated butchers have every chance to get infected while visiting multiple houses to deliver their services and will thus act as a source to spread infection among other families.

Besides, he also said that only vaccinated family members should come in contact with the sacrificial animal and ensure that they follow SOPs like wearing of masks and maintaining physical distance.

Dr M Salim advised that children should be kept away at the time of performing sacrifice of animals as children are not vaccinated yet.

He also suggested that only vaccinated persons should handle the affairs of distribution of meat to other families in the neighbourhood or among relatives. This, he said, shall help to contain the spread of infection.

The professor cautioned that violation of Covid guidelines by individuals who are directly involved in sacrificing and distribution of meat may become the cause of a possible third Covid wave.

Moreover, he said, only vaccinated individuals should visit other families and only vaccinated persons should be invited to home. Information Department

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