53 Artisans, 09 Weavers sponsored with Rs. 1.24 crore under CCS at Anantnag

ANANTNAG: The District Level Selection Committee (DLSC) Friday convened its second meeting here to select the deserving Artisans and Weavers for availing subsidized credit requirements, under Credit Card Scheme (CCS), for investment purposes in the specific crafts of Handicrafts & Handloom.
The meet was held under the chairmanship of General Manager, DIC, Anantnag, who is also the Chairman of the Committee and was attended by LDM, Deputy Director Employment & Counseling Anantnag, District Officer KVIB and Assistant Labour Commissioner Anantnag.
The meeting was also held so that the issue of “Double Benefit-from different schemes being run by the government” could be weeded out.
As many as 53 Artisans and 09 Weavers were selected for sponsorship of subsidized credit amounting to Rs. 1.24 crores i.e Rs. 2.0lacs each, for establishing their own livelihood earning units.
Great enthusiasm was observed among the Would-be entrepreneurs, who attended the event to persuade the panel.
Khurshid Ahmad aged 36; a B.Sc degree holder said that he has decided to extend his ancestral wearing craft so that he can turn himself into an Employment provider rather than employment Seeker.
Another female Artisan, Mehfooza, 28 years of age said that when a woman can handle a home, why can’t she operate an enterprise. She said women nowadays do not want to be dependent on men.
Assistant Director Handloom & Handicrafts, Muqbil Lateef Hussain said that the Director Handicrafts & Handloom Kashmir and District Administration Anantnag are serious about the benefits to be penetrated to the grassroots level so that every skillful Craft knowing hand can reap the benefit out of this ‘Credit Card Scheme’.
He said, besides this will help generate more employment avenues and this heritage craft could survive.



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