Underlying co-morbidities create complications during covid infection

To keep sugar in control, reduce daily intake of carbohydrates to 175gm: Endocrinologist, Dr Shariq Masoodi

SRINAGAR: Persons having comorbidities including obesity, hypertension, diabetes can increase their survival chances by taking precautions and adopting covid related guidelines perfectly and strictly, said Dr Shariq Masoodi, Endocrinologist, SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar.
Endocrinologist, Dr Shariq Masoodi while putting forth his views on the pandemic said that Covid infection is now common among people and majority of the patients recover immediately in home isolation. However, he said that less than two percent of the covid infected patients develop serious complications owing to underlying comorbidities like age factor, obesity, blood sugar, hypertension, cancer or any other disease and some of them may succumb to the infection. Such patients may need critical care including oxygen supply, ventilation and hospitalization.
He maintained that older a person is, more are the chances of getting complicated condition during covid infection.
He also said that vaccination is very important for the people living with any comorbidity and further added that vaccine rarely causes adverse effects.
“Individuals already suffering from any disease should get vaccinated because it will protect them from further complications in case of getting a covid infection”, he stated.
Dr Shariq said that most of the patients recover at home but it is imperative to monitor pluse rate and oxygen saturation of covid patients with underlying comorbidity disease at home. “If a person has tendency of sugar and has obesity then monitor his sugar level, too”, he said while advising about the supervision if patients in home.
He said that steroids including dexamethasone, hydrocortisone and prednisone are used to treat severe covid patients admitted in the hospitals. While cautioning about self medication he said, “Steroid is not treatment for everyone because it increases sugar in the body”. These medicines are used only for those patients whose oxygen saturation has decreased and have been admitted in the hospital, he clarified. Only physicians shall prescribe steroids when the need arises, he added.
While reiterating that asymptomatic or mild covid infected persons don’t need steroids because it will affect their health adversely by increasing sugar which may ultimately pose threat of other health issues such as Black fungus or White fungus and Mocurmycosis.
Further, Dr Shariq Masiodi while providing more information said Cytotoxic immunity and acquired immunity of body helps to fight against fungus infections but prolonged use of steroids decrease these immunities in a person. “Increase in sugar level reduces oxygen saturation in the body which increases acidosis, formation of acids in à body”, he said.
Regarding the measures to control sugar level, he said there are two types of measures including pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical. “Non pharmaceutical methods involve change in diet and life style”, he said.
He said that during the lockdown physical activity has decreased so energy required is minimum and advised to take proteins, vitamin, minerals, fibre and antioxidant rich food and reduce intake of carbohydrates. He suggested limiting the intake of carbohydrates to 175 gm in 24 hours and exercise frequently.
While providing additional information regarding carbohydrates, he said, there are two types of carbohydrates including complex and refined. The complex carbohydrates are absorbed slowly while refined carbohydrates are absorbed quickly. He stressed to reduce intake of refined carbohydrates such as rice, wheat, bread etc to keep sugar in control.

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