JK government’s COVID relief half-hearted, discriminatory: NC

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday rued the selective relief announced by incumbent JK government, saying the discriminatory measure has left out scores of people associated with tourism and handicraft sector in Jammu and Kashmir.
Expressing dismay at the selective package doled out by the incumbent JK government to the daily workers who have been rendered jobless by the ravaging impact of ongoing global Pandemic, Party’s Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said the measure amounts to little more than window dressing. “The announcement is cosmetic in nature as it has turned blind to the woes of lacs of daily wagers, hawkers, people associated with public transport , handicrafts sector and quarrying and sand extraction. The provision of RS 1000 per month to all registered construction workers, ponywalas, palkhiwala, and pithuwalas for the next two months is a mockery. It was expected of the incumbent JK government to gauge the enormity of the impact that the prevailing circumstances have had on the livelihood of the people and come up with a well chalked out and a dispassionate covid sustenance programme espousing hawkers, taxi and auto drivers, artisans of all hues,” he said
“Contrarily the government has played a gigantic trick by blacking out greater part of the labourers skilled and unskilled, organized as well as unorganized. I hope the government will see the error of their ways and embrace daily hawkers, Taxi, Auto drivers, conductors, manual sand extractors and other daily wagers as well in these trying times by providing them adequate monthly COVID sustenance allowance,” he added.

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