EJAC condemns Rizvi’s anti-Islam PIL

SRINAGAR: Employees Joint Action Committee President Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam on Sunday strongly condemned the action of Wasim Rizvi’s filing of PIL in Supreme Court which asks for deletion of some ‘Ayat’ from the Holy Quran.
“This act is condemnable from every angle. Such persons are the real enemies of peace and are anti-social, as his act is aimed to create a wedge in the social fabric,” he said in the statement. “The EJAC terms this act as deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of billions of people who have strong faith in the Holy Quran and value it more than their life.”
The EJAC urges the government and the Honourable Supreme Court to punish Wasim Rizvi. The government should take a tough stand against such miscreants and goons who try to harm the social fabric by their dastardly acts, he added.

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