A letter to His Excellency, DSEK, on the cruelty of coaching centres

A letter to His Excellency, DSEK, on the cruelty of coaching centres

Honourable Sir,

I’m not used to the format of addressing highly dignified personalities openly in the public. I respect the seat your worthy self holds and I put my sheer respect and reverence before your honourable chair and your excellency. The reason for addressing you through the medium of this newspaper lies in what happened a few days back. I was driving in the wee hours when the light of day had not spread its wings entirely. I was driving slowly as the glass of my windshield was frosted over; it was minus 7.5 Celsius that morning; and the vehicle was skidding on the frosted road. It was becoming difficult to even sit in the vehicle, which has all the heating facilities installed. In the meanwhile, I was stopped by two students who were heading towards their respective tuition centers, a fact I later came to know from them. The two kids to whom I gave the lift were not only quivering with cold but were almost numb. Their plight was so appalling that it made me recall the predicament of my cousin who leaves at 08:00 am for her tuition classes, which is an hour later than the scheduled timing of these two above students.
Respected sir, it’s true and I totally believe in it that we must inculcate the hardworking spirit in our wards so that they may break an egg and make the best omelette for their future. But sir, making an omelette would only be possible when they survive. Sir, in this rat race of fetching grades and producing doctors and engineers, we are pushing ourselves back to the nomadic life where humanity had no value at all. We by these acts are becoming no less than cannibals and as carnivores thirty of human flesh.
Education is indeed a good business to earn good bucks in the shortest span of time, and the reality is that the teachers are counting the number of classes they have taken rather than the quality lectures they have delivered, but these days, I mean in this chilly winter, the day of all the teachers, irrespective of designations, starts with the Adhan and ends with the Adhan. They are so hell-bent on taking as many private classes that they are willing to work for up to fourteen hours a day.
I feel it pertinent to mention, worthy sir, that the proliferating of these coaching centres has reached to such a height that a tea-maker at Parraypora is acting as their tout. He hoodwinks students for a commission that he receives from a particular coaching center.
Respected Sir, my sincere submission before your worthy self is that a winter-friendly and student-friendly timetable be approved by your majesty for all these callous and heartless coaching centres, so that our next generation may survive the murder that is being committed in the name of producing doctors and engineers. May good sense and humanity reign.

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