BJP leaders rant on establishment of Waqf boards in JK, Ladakh reflective of ignorance: NC

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday said the statement of BJP leader Muqhtar Abbas Naqvi, that waqf boards will be established in the Jammu and Kashmir for the first time since independence is a miscarriage of facts and history and reflective of his sheer ignorance about on the subject matter.
Here is a person who holds no influence over the Muslims of the country; he is supposed to represent Muslims in Modi Government, ironically before representing the minorities in Modi government he is instead representing BJP before minorities, said Party’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah while taking exception to the mistruth mongering of Naqvi on established on Waqafs boards in Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. “If an award was being given to the most incompetent minister in BJP led government, no one could come ever closer for minority affairs. So far Naqvi has done nothing to inspire minorities in particular Muslims of the country. He could be best described as a minority appeaser, the task which he has miserably to deliver on. Spreading mistruth about establishment of Waqf Boards in J&K, and Ladakh should not be seen in isolation. It is a large game plan to hoodwink the Muslim community living elsewhere in the country that BJP was attending to their issues. The reality remains that Jammu and Kashmir is the only place in the entire subcontinent where Waqaf properties have been effectively consolidated by the successive NC led Government. The Auqaf e Islamia was in itself established by Seikh Mmuhaamamd Abdullah contrary to what Naqvi is suggesting ignorantly or purposively. It is laughable to see people no less than the level of union ministers brazenly murdering history,” she said.
She said the drastic changes brought by the National Conference in Kashmir, were not just confined to polity and society as such but the changes were also felt in other spheres of society like Aquaf Properties. It was Sheikh Sahib who took no time to consolidate all the Muslim properties and establish Auqaf e Islamia soon after independence. “I don’t hesitate to say that the disposition of Waqf properties in J&K speak for itself, and does not require certificates from a person who failed his own community on every front,” she said.

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