‘Minimum government, maximum governance’: PM’s mantra to IAS probationers

‘Minimum government, maximum governance’: PM’s mantra to IAS probationers

Ahmedabad:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday advised the probationary civil servants to take decisions in the national interest by following the mantra of ‘minimum government and maximum governance’.

Addressing the IAS probationers through video conference form Kevadiya in Gujarat, where he paid tributes to Sardar Vallabhai Patel on his 145th birth anniversary earlier in the day.

Modi told the probationers that they were entering the service at a crucial juncture when India is about to enter the 75th year of its Independence.

“A government does not run on policies alone. People for whom the policies are meant need to be involved. People are not the receiver of the government’s policies and programmes. They are the real driving force,” he said.

“So we should move from government towards governance.

You will be faced with two ways, one of comfort, name and fame, another of struggle, difficulties, problems. But I can tell you from my experience that you will face real difficulties when you choose an easy way out,” he said.

“The turn at which the country stands today, the role of you bureaucrats is of minimum government, maximum governance. You have to ensure how to reduce your interference and also ensure empowerment of common people,” he said.

“I would also request that whatever decision a civil servant takes should be in the national interest and meant to strengthen the unity and sovereignty of the country and keep India’s constitutional spirit high,” the PM said.

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