PSAJK says, against fee reduction of tuition fee

Srinagar: Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) Monday took strong notice of a statement by so called private schools coordination committee regarding fee relaxation and said that the stand of PSAJK has been clear right from day one of not agreeing to any fee relaxation which can have devastating effect on the entire education sector.
The Association expressed its strong displeasure that an unregistered body comprising of people of shady characters are trying to create rift among schools, parents and education department. “The entire school education sector has been hit hard for last so many years and especially since August 2019 lockdown and subsequent COVID restrictions. Such is the situation of schools that it has become a matter of survival for all of us,” sad G N Var president PSAJK. “At this point of time how can we support fee relaxation. In fact we had many times met Principal Secretary School Education and presented to him all facts and figures regarding situation of schools. He was kind enough to see the reality and see how fee relaxation can result in closure of schools and loss of employment.”
The Association said that the private schools provide employment to 67000 persons right from bus conductor to school principal and any disruption in fee collection can spell doom for many lives. “We are against 30 % fee reduction. Which can sector can survive with such a steep cut in their revenue,” said Var.
The Association said that the schools know the situation regarding the financial situation of the society and appropriate steps are being taken regularly at individual level. “Schools are helping students at their own level without any publicity. We are also part of the society and we know how to help people in need. Secondly we have already agreed to provide concession of upto 50 % in transport fee and we appeal parents to deposit the remaining fee at the earliest with the schools so as to keep the transport sector of schools in running shape and not turned in Non Performing Asset.


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