Polytechnic students protest; seek mass promotion

Srinagar: The students from various polytechnic colleges on Tuesday held a protest demonstration here in Srinagar demanding the technical board of School Education to provide the mass promotion for the 2nd and 4th semesters classes.
The polytechnic students include boys and girls assembled here in the Press Enclave under the banner of All polytechnic students Association and chanting the slogans ” we want justice,” ” technical board hi hi,” and ” fulfill our demands,” .
Irfan Ahmad, one of the polytechnic protesting students said that the technical board is not listening to our demand. We have been given our classes online on a very low speed network and the students couldn’t understand the lectures which have been given online.
“The students did not have proper books they could prepare for themselves for exams. We are demanding the technical board to offer mass promotion to the 2nd and 4th semesters class and framing and policy for 6th semesters class so the students remain eligible for the PMSSS (Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme),” he said
He said that if the technical board will conduct the exams, most of the students can not qualify the exams, as they are not fully prepared for the exams due to non- availability of proper study material.
The protesting polytechnic students requested the technical board of school education to look into the matter and provide the mass promotion for the 2nd and 4th semester class.

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