LAWDA carries demolition drive in Rakhi-i-Arth Bemina

SRINAGAR: The Enforcement Wing of Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) Monday carried out a massive demolition drive in the area of Rakh-i-Arth Housing Colony Bemina.
The drive was conducted by Enforcement Officer along with Executive Engineer Lake div 2nd, Magistrate (N.T) and concerned sub-divisional staff of Rakh-i-Arth.
Almost 5 to 6 illegal sheds were demolished and sign boards from plots illegally encroached upon by the locals for graveyard were also removed. The drive was successfully conducted with the joint efforts of the team of territorial Police Officers of Bemina, DSP, SHO and D.O, DSP.
Furthermore, earth filling was also removed in two places where the violators dumped the earth in order to develop plots illegally and it was learnt that these violators were trying to prepare plots in order to make colonies illegally in the Rakh-i-arth for their vested interests.
Moreover, in the area of Kohnakahan, Dalgate a two room structure and CGI sheets raised on shops were demolished and removed on the spot.

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