PCCF inspects CAMPA works in Jammu forest divisions

JAMMU: Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Dr. Mohit Gera, along with Conservator of Forests, East Circle, Jammu Samuel Changkija, conducted extensive tour of Samba, Kathua and Billawar forest divisions for inspection of CAMPA works and preparedness for Monsoon plantations. In the current year a target of planting of 74.50 lac plants over an area of 13,364 ha has been approved and around one third target will be covered during the monsoon season.

The PCCF along with CF, East Circle and other officers visited Samba Forest Division and inspected the Balode Nursery, where directions were given to concerned officers for up-gradation of nursery and operations for production of best quality saplings which can give higher survival and growth.

The staff was directed to accord preference to local species and collection of seeds from best known local sources. The consultation with Panchayats and local people to be always carried out so that tree varieties suited to their requirement are included in plantations. Local fruit varieties like kimbh, lasooda, amla and other wild fruits must also be included to meet the requirements of wild animals to mitigate human-animal conflict. It was followed by the inspection of CAMPA works in Comptt. 28/D of Mohargarh Range.

The PCCF directed to carry out inventory of survival, along with the natural regeneration, rejuvenation of root stock as well as of useful shrubs like garna, dhain and santha. He advised the concerned DFO to carry out aerial photography and ground survey for proper documentation of all the closures.

The team later visited Haria Chak and Chak Sona Nupa Nurseries of Kathua Forest Division and conducted thorough inspection. Necessary directions were issued regarding the creation of windbreaks on the periphery of the nursery, proper maintenance of the water channels, water source, seed stores and nursery equipment and timely nursery operations for quality seedlings production.

The team on June 6 inspected the Forest Fire Control Room at Kathua Forest Division and gave necessary instructions for the up-gradation of the same. It was followed by the visit to Billawar Forest Division wherein Plantation closures at Bhugwalta, Tali Darbar and Sanana Chora of Ramkot Range along with Dungara Nursery, Billawar Range and Forest Fire Control Room at Nagrota Gujroo were inspected.

The PCCF advised the DFO for effective protection of plantation units with the involvement of local communities, besides their management on the scientific lines to maximize the benefits like grasses, fodder, and other MFP for bonafide use of locals. A detailed strategy was also finalized for raising of best quality saplings for coming years by utilizing seeds of only local varieties from best sources, up gradation of nurseries and training of staff.

On the way back, the team visited Eco Task Force Nursery at 129 TA HQ, Samba maintained jointly by the Forest Department and Territorial Army. The schedule for field plantation during Monsoon season was finalised with the Commanding Officer.

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