Delhi govt issues 4.75 lakh e-tokens to buy liquor

New Delhi, May 9 The Delhi government has so far issued around 4.75 lakh e-tokens to buy liquor in the national capital, an official said on Saturday.

Under the e-token system, customers are given specific time for purchasing alcohol so that there is no violation of social distancing norms by people queuing up outside liquor stores.

The e-token is sent on mobile phones of registered people. The new system was introduced on Thursday in the wake of long queues outside liquor vends and people not following social distancing norms there.

The Delhi government has allowed around 200 liquor shops to operate in the city.

“The government has so far issued around 4.75 lakh e-token since Thursday evening to people to buy liquor without standing in long queues,” the official said.

People willing to get e-token can apply through a web link where they are allotted specific time for purchasing liquor after they fill personal details.

According to the official, the e-token system is maintaining social distancing and cutting down on waiting time in long queues by specifying time for each e-coupon holder to buy liquor at a shop.

People are required to furnish address of liquor shop in their area along with their mobile number and other details, while applying for e-token on the web link.

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