Families in Shopian quarantined after labourer from Rajouri tests positive

Families in Shopian quarantined after labourer from Rajouri tests positive

Shopian: The Covid-19 case reported from Rajouri on Saturday has alarmed villagers in Shopian district where the man was working as a labourer until recently. Two families have now been quarantined at Pinjora and Pehlipora villages of Shopian district while samples from another family, which has also been put under quarantine, have been taken for tests for the novel coronavirus.

The administration is tracking others who came into contact with the labourer.

According to health officials, the man from Rajouri district in Jammu region was working as a labourer in several Shopian villages.

“He was working from 20 March to 24 March at one house and after that he worked at different places,” Dr Muhammad Yousuf, a senior health official, told Kashmir Reader.

Dr Naikoo said that three families have been identified as the primary contacts that need to be monitored. “We also have taken samples from one of the said three families as it includes a woman who is expected to give birth to a child this month,” he said, adding that reports of the tests will come on Monday or the day after.

Kashmir Reader learnt from trusted sources that some other people in Shopian who had been working with the Rajouri man have not been quarantined yet.

Officials say that the labourer managed to return to Rajouri amid the lockdown via the Mughal Road, most of which is still covered with snow.

Earlier, many people who managed to reach Rajuori from Shopian were caught and quarantined by the administration.

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