65 hotels, government accommodations to be used for quarantining purposes in Srinagar

SRINAGAR: The Srinagar administration has requisitioned 65 well-equipped hotels and government accommodations to be used as quarantine facilities for citizens arriving back in Srinagar from outside countries and those who might have contact into with the COVID-19 positive case in the district.
The hotels requisitioned for the purpose are all 3-star certified with all facilities to facilitate comfortable quarantine. The government accommodations acquired are also all well-equipped.
The citizens adding up to 1166 persons who arrived back in Srinagar from outside countries during the last three days have been shifted to 20 of these quarantine facilities.
It should be noted that 685 persons out of the total people having arrived back in Srinagar so far returned today. The remaining 481 persons had returned during the previous two days and had been shifted to quarantine facilities soon after their return.
Following standard operating procedures as recommended in the matter all these persons who mostly include students arriving back mostly from Bangladesh were isolated soon upon their arrival and then shifted to these well-equipped quarantine facilities located at places.
Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary visited over half of these quarantine facilities where the returnees have been shifted for undergoing the recommended quarantine.
He inspected the facilities made available at these centres and also interacted with all the people shifted into them.
He urged all the persons shifted to these facilities to complete their recommended quarantine period assuring them of provision of all kinds of facilities and care during the period. He stressed that it was for their personal safety and that of their dear ones among others.

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