Advisory to hoteliers in Baramulla, Gulmarg

Baramulla: After ban on tuition centres, social and political gatherings, closure of schools and public gatherings, the district administration Baramulla has issued an advisory to all hoteliers in district Baramulla, including in Gulmarg, asking them to take necessary steps to avoid the spread of coronavirus.
The advisory, issued by District Magistrate (DM) Gulam Nabi Itoo, says that all hoteliers are directed to make sure that hotels should be clean and hygienic. Hoteleris have been advised to wipe all surfaces with disinfectant regularly, promote regular and through hand-washing by employees and customers, put sanitising hand rub dispensers in prominent places, promote good respiratory hygiene, ensure that face masks (surgical masks) and paper tissues are available, display hygienic practices through posters and papers, keep IEC/FAQs for reference/displayed, and keep the log of visitors’ name, address, phone number, email lD , travel history of past 14 days, place of visit, and record of disease if, any.
The sub divisional magistrate (SDM) Gulmarg, Shabirul Hassan, issued a separate advisory to all the hoteliers in Gulmarg and in other areas, directing them to ensure implementation of the advisory issued under the integrated disease surveillance programme (IDST) by the National Centre for Disease Control.
The hoteliers have also been asked to submit details of guests on daily basis to the office of Assistant Director Tourism Gulmarg. According to reports, the Assistant Director Tourism Gulmarg shall collect the information forms on daily basis from the hoteliers and furnish consolidated information to the SDM’s office by 7 PM through WhatsApp on phone.

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