It is ‘Delhi’s Party’, comments NC

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (NC) on Sunday said that the emergence of new political formulations in Kashmir, in an obvious reference to Altaf Bukhari’s Apni Party, was a handiwork of those who want to blunt the true representative voices of J&K.
Party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said it was becoming clear that the continued detention of legitimate political voices of J&K was not about law and order but to serve political interests.
It is “The way things are unfolding here in Jammu & Kashmir, it is pretty clear that the central governement in connivance with a few are contriving to prop up yet another formation in J&K to serve its interests at the cost of democracy and political probity. They want to fill the political vacuum of Kashmir with those who parrot what New Delhi wants them to. It is, therefore, safe to call this new formation as Delhi’s Party and nothing else,” Dar said.
“A new political amalgamation of strange bedfellows is being pushed down the throats by crowing out genuine representatives of people, former chief ministers, the sitting Member of Parliament, and former law makers. It is no less than a mockery,” he said, adding, “Such political outfits are also bound to meet the same fate as other air-dropped outfits, whose sole purpose has been to harm the political interests of Kashmir.”
“The new amalgamation has the same leaders as have helped anti democratic forces pull down democratically elected governments in J&K. The members who have joined the new group are the same who pulled down
Dr Farooq’s government in 1984,” he added.
“Here we have a person who wants people to believe that he had an eureka moment to safeguard the interests of people at a time when the entire political leadership is facing confinement. He is sanctimoniously questioning the political acumen of the people of J&K, who he assumes are easy to fleece,’’ Dar said in reference to Altaf Bukhari.

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