Superficial maintenance of Pampore Sports Stadium irks locals

PAMPORE: Much to the dismay of general public and sports enthusiasts, Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council has been carrying out only superficial maintenance of the Pampore Sports Stadium here in Pulwama districtdespite funds being at disposal.
The funds for the up-gradation and maintenance of the Sports Stadium were released after much ado.
The stadium has remained neglected for many years in terms of maintenance and Kashmir Reader has carried out several reports regarding the issue.
The stadium had been turned into a cesspool and was encroached upon by some people with vested interests and was used as a garbage dumping site for many years.
This year, the authorities acted upon this grievance of the general public and fundsamounting to more than 30 lac rupeeshave been earmarked for the execution of the work in and around the stadium.
“The basic work was to reinforce boundary walls of the stadium so that the earlier malpractices of making the stadium a bust stand and/or a garbage dumping site were stopped,” a source in the district administration told Kashmir Reader.
The sports council has been allegedly compromising on the quality of work.
“You can see how they have used the already existing plinth and are erecting the fencing over it,” a local told Kashmir Reader, adding that the plinth was constructed some 35 years back and is weak.
The locals said that the plinth was furthermore damaged by the floods of 2014 and is in no shape to be superficially maintained as the sports council authorities are doing.
“It not only nullifies the whole purpose of maintenance but also puts children-who come to play here-at risk,” the residents said.
They also alleged that the sports council authorities were using the same iron fencing that was erected some 30 years ago.
“They are only coating it with new colour,” residents said.
Kashmir Reader talked to Executive Engineer of the Sports Council, Zahoor Ahmad, who said that they are carrying out the work exactly it was meant to be according to the estimates.
“Wherever we see a lose stone in the plinth we are making sure it is fixed with proper concreting. The rest of the plinth wall, I think, is in good condition,” he said.

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