Abandoned Munsif Court in Pampore still a haven for drug peddlers

Pampore: The abandoned building of Munsif Court Complex here in Tanchi Bagh area of Pampore continues to be a haven for drug addicts and drug peddlers. It has been like this for more than 3 years now but the authorities continue to look the other way.
The court complex was constructed in the year 2012, with an estimated cost of over Rs 2 crore. Subsequently, the Munsif Court was shifted to the complex from a cramped accommodation nearby.
The floods of 2014, however, wreaked havoc in the area and the new court complex was devastated.
The Munsif Court, in the subsequent months, was again shifted to the old rented, cramped accommodation. The new complex remained abandoned and in dire need of renovation.
“The file has been moving from table to table in the administrative offices and no concrete decisions have been taken in this regard,” a source at the local Munsif Court told Kashmir Reader.
In the succeeding years, as the building lay vacant and abandoned, drug addicts and peddlers made it a safe haven and it continues to remain so.
Residents of the area told Kashmir Reader that the complex has become an eyesore and it has become extremely difficult for them to move around in the area, especially after dark.
“I have asked my children to not take the route at any time of the day. They walk an extra mile just to avoid walking by the complex. The administration has been a mute spectator,” a resident of the area said.
Other residents Kashmir Reader talked to said they tried to confront these addicts and peddlers on their own but were warned of dire consequences. “These are dangerous people and if the administration is looking the other way, what common people can do?” the residents asked.
Kashmir Reader had raised the issue earlier as well. The police and the civil administration had assured that the issue will be tackled. Nothing, however, was done in this regard.
The newspaper again talked to Awantipora SP, Tahir Saleem, who again assured that he will intimate the local police to look into the matter.
A high-ranking official of the civil administration maintained that he has taken up the matter with the judicial department and despite assurance that action will be taken, nothing has been done so far.
“It does not fall within our domain. I have talked to the judicial officials and they assured that things were moving but nothing has been done,” the official said.

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