Snowscapes: The Ornaments of Kashmir

Snowscapes: The Ornaments of Kashmir


Snowy Landscapes are the root causes of heavenly beauty of Kashmir valley , also known as the valley of Paradise. Someone has really said that if there is any heaven on
earth, it is here, it is here.
The beauty of this place can easily infuse Sufism in the minds of the spiritually inclined. The Snow Mountains with lush green forests create a memorable moments in the life
of person. This is the reason why thousands of tourists get attracted towards this destination every year. The destinations like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sounmarg and so on are
the most beautiful places in the Kashmir. In the month of December and January, these places are covered with snow. Gulmarg is among the top most places where thousands of
tourist visit.
Tourists attain joy with the skills of skiing on natural Snowy blankets of God. The open pastures with white covers look more beautiful in winters, amuse the spoiled senses
of the urban minds who consider their visit as one into the interiors of heaven.
The snowy blankets in the Kashmir valley arrive on time to add more and more beauty on the already beautiful land of Kashmir. Kashmir looks as if a newly maiden prepared for
the Ornaments before going for her marriage ceremony. Trees without leaves, mountains without grasses and the streams without shortages in the snowy season look as the
sculptured golden statues with the white coating of snow of heavenly Kashmir
Kashmir’s scenic beauty, its snow clad mountains, fresh water lakes and vast meadows are often compared to the beauty of Swizerland. The natural beauty of Kashmir boasts a
long rich history and heritage. Gulmarg forms a perfect destination for the romantics. Undoubtedly, innumerable Bollywood and Hollywood movies have been shot here. Kashmir is
an identity of romanticism and culture. Films are reflection of society and they reflect what is on in the society. A famous Mughal Emperor Jahangir when he visited Kashmir
in 17th century is often quoted by many as saying ‘If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here it is here’. The Mughal Emperor was so impressed by the beauty of
Kashmir that he would often say, if one has not visited this beautiful paradise. They are missing out on something worthwhile.
Kashmir was titled the heart land of winter sports in Indian institute of mountaineering and skiing. The travellers from India and abroad have been mesmerised beauty of
Kashmir. One of my friends has rightly said, “The whole world is a hundred pages beautiful book and the 99 pages are about Kashmir only”. I am really thankful to the God that
I am the resident of my heavenly land!

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