United We Stand, Divided We Fall

United We Stand, Divided We Fall


The success of any nation depends upon mutual unity and harmony between its members. History is replete with the fact that only those nations that remain strongly united defeated invincible forces and overcame every hindrance which came in their way.
Almighty Allah, in the Holy Quran, reminds us that by unity and strength we can surely defeat the enemy in its nefarious designs.
In many of the other verses of the glorious Quran, Almighty Allah, orders Muslims to remain united which means to keep hold of the rope of Allah altogether and do not be divided into sects and divisions. The Holy Quran thus emphasizes upon harmony and unity among the Muslim ummah.
Here I am going to mention an important point. By “Unity”, it doesn’t mean that one should surrender one’s personal and substantial right of expression and will, but “Unity” means to have respect and honor for others’ thoughts. It means to show respect, broadmindedness and avoid all those things and sayings which create confusion and trouble in the minds of people and society, at large.
Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran has condemned those who create disunity and clash and warned them with worst kind of punishment.
He has commanded his Beloved Prophet (SAW) to warn those types of people who create differences and tries to break harmony and love in the society. Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran says: “people who creates divisions in their religion and become pieces, (Prophet) of Allah has nothing to them, their case is in the custody of Allah, and then He will aware of them of their actions”.
The Creator of this universe has ordered the Muslim Ummah not to indulge in differences and not to take pride in mutual anomalies like polytheists primarily because these divisions weaken us and destroy our strength. The Holy Prophet (SAW) educated his companions at several occasions about the unity, its importance and necessity. He (SAW) said that “all humans are equal like the teeth of a comb”. So, stay connected with the large majority of the Muslim community.
No one can deny this fact that all the Islamic sects have common fundamentals. The whole of the Islamic system is based on these foundations.
All Muslims believe in the oneness of Almighty Allah (tawheed), Holy Prophet (SAW) as last and final and messenger, revelation and revealed books, life after death, the existence of angles, prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj and so on.
If there are differences, these centre around trivial issues
Unfortunately, today, the Muslim ummah all over the globe is passing through crucial times and for that we are ourselves responsible.
Today we are disintegrated lot divided into sects and even sects of sects.
Instead of preaching and calling people towards the religion of peace (which is the complete way of life), some preachers through their hate speeches make them farther away. Their speeches revolve only around that our sect is on right path and all others are out of Islam or on wrong path. By doing so they actually want to create confusion in the society and make people suffer. What the actual message of Islam is, remains untold.

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