Life is About Self Transcendence

Life is About Self Transcendence


Life is not merely a journey to start from birth, and that ends with death. It is, in fact, an attempt to see one’s own surroundings.
It is more than to breathe and get the goal. Striving to gain more, fulfilling desires, achieving a well-known status, and building some sky-roof buildings have been a most favourite choice of most of the people since the time they have been dislocated.
Coming across a high temporal standard, and coming by the comforts of materialistic status have been very common and ordinary. Life is in no regard a duration to access to the mind only, but it is with all its means a soft pearl to touch and feel the heart.
In this age of the race for financial progress, man has truly forgotten what he is meant to be. He puts all his efforts to get more, and keeps himself in rush. He has no time to seek something for his fellows. He crushes numberless sights which wait for his attentiveness for a while. It is very sadly stated that today, man has nothing pleasing to share about his present. If he happens to think about his past, his face wears a smile; but when he looks at his future, he becomes silent, and seems to hide his face. What this is, completely a failure.
There is no need to search the reasons for this fall. All are verily very much open and clear. Man knows about the reasons for his dislocation. He knows about what has misled him, and brought him before a typical situation where he can neither back, nor bring about a change. It is hard for him now to unfollow the fixed-patterns that he has been for long.
However, there is another side of life other than being busy in oneself all the time. There is another side of this picture which captures the needs of people which are to be fulfilled by you. There is another function of the hand which is said to be to lend a hand. There is a true ref lection of life which is all about to live for others, to help the weak, to support the poor, and to seek the real path of sure success. After all, there is nothing bad with materialism, but only that materialism is not good.

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