China will guard its sovereignty, not concede an inch of land: Xi

China will guard its sovereignty, not concede an inch of land: Xi
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Beijing: China will not concede “a single inch of land” and guard its sovereignty, Chinese President Xi Jinping who was re-elected for second five-year term with prospects of continuing as leader for life asserted today.
Besides the border dispute with India, China claims rights over the disputed islands in East China Sea under the control of Japan and vast stretches of the South China Sea, (SCS) where it is firmly asserting its control. Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have counter claims over the South China Sea.
“The Chinese people and the Chinese nation have a shared conviction which is not a single inch of our land will be and can be ceded from China,” Xi said in a 30 minute-long speech at the end of the 18-day long parliament session.
During its session, China’s National People’s Congress has ratified the constitutional amendment removing decades old two-term limit for President and Vice President paving the way for Xi to continue in power for life. He also was re-elected by the 2970 deputies for second five-year term as President and head of the military. In October, last year he was elected as General Secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China, (CPC) for the second five-year term.
By heading the party, the military and presidency with no limit on tenure, Xi is regarded as the most powerful leader after party founder Mao Zedong. (Agencies)