‘Mother’s Pride’ highlights role of mother on International Women’s day

Srinagar: Mother’s Pride, Rajbagh, Thursday celebrated International Women’s day here where mothers of all the children were invited to celebrate the day.

The mothers and the children together participated in various activities along with the staff of the school, the statement issued here said.

A number of mothers and staff personal spoke on the occasion on how they can empower themselves in the society and can successfully run the society together with men.

They said that women are the torchbearers of the enlightened and forward looking societies as they upbringing children right from their birth to adults.

It was also said that it is the mothers with whom the children are most affectionate and by guiding the children in a right way since childhood, a vibrant and upright society can be formed.

“It is they mothers can inculcate right values of respecting women in the society and nations from the beginning of their laps,” they, as per the statements said.

Sudha Gupta, founder of Mother’s Pride, had sent a personal video message for women with words of encouragement and empowerment for women.

“Women have an important role to play i building upright and cultured societies as they raise children from their birth,” she said in her video message.

Mothers should lay thrust on educating their children at homes by guiding them and teaching them importance of education, she added.

On the occasion, a number of children spoke and read poems praising mothers and women.



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