‘CM preparing excuse to hand over Kathua case to CBI’

Srinagar: Opposition National Conference (NC) on Thursday said it had become clear beyond an iota of doubt that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was preparing an excuse to hand over the brutal and barbaric Kathua rape and murder case to the CBI.

“This is being done as per the demand of her party’s alliance partner, the BJP – in an apparent attempt to shield the accused,” senior NC leaders said in a joint statement on Thursday.

The leaders expressed anguish and shock at the recent revelation in various media reports that crucial evidence from the case had been destroyed by a police officer in a clear attempt to save the culprits.

“This recent revelation not only indicates the insensitivity of the State Government in general and the ruthlessness and inefficiency of the Chief Minister in particular but clearly hints at a nefarious plan by the Chief Minister to seek an excuse to hand over the case to the CBI as is being demanded by the ‘Hindu Ekta Manch’ and the BJP Ministers,” the statement said.

“From day one the government has been compounding the pain of this grave tragedy and tormenting the victim’s family through its irresponsible, casual, insensitive and chaotic approach towards such a heinous crime that appears to have been perpetuated to instill fear and horror into the hearts and minds of a particular community. Nowhere in the world would there be a precedent to Cabinet Ministers violating prohibitory orders to address a rally in favor of primary accused in the rape and murder of a child even when the Ministers know that the evidence against the accused is conclusive as per the Police,” the NC leaders said.

“The Cabinet Ministers have not only politicized this heinous crime but have also ridiculed the police by openly challenging its efficiency and objectivity as the Chief Minister cowered into a corner to save her chair. This whole plan seems to have come a full circle with the new revelation that crucial evidence has been destroyed by a police officer,” the NC leaders said.

“While the said police officer has been apparently arrested, what does the Chief Minister intend to do about her Cabinet Colleagues who have provided political backing and thought behind such mischief by openly coming out in support of the accused? There was no doubt in our mind that the Chief Minister has buckled under pressure and is looking for an excuse to hand over the case to the CBI and this latest development proves that beyond a doubt,” the leaders added.

The NC leaders said it was also tragic that the Chief Minister could not even protect the family of 8 year old Asifa after her gruesome murder and watched as a mute, helpless spectator as communal elements prevented her family from burying her in the village graveyard.

“The family had to travel to a neighboring village at night to bury her body after goons with political patronage prevented the family from burying her in her own village. The Chief Minister is so invested in photo-opportunities that she converted this tragedy into one as well. Rather than delivering justice to the family of Asifa, the Chief Minister – true to her PR style of politics – chose to take pictures with the family of the murdered girl when they came to her office to seek justice. What face will the Chief Minister show to Asifa’s family now as she openly facilitates an imminent miscarriage of justice to appease her Cabinet Colleagues and to remain in power,” the NC leaders asked.


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