Unhygienic toilets at Srinagar airport cause hardships to travelers

Srinagar: With unclean toilets, the Sheikh ul Alam International Airport here have come under severe criticism with the passengers, alleging it to be a reason of immense hardships.

The travelers travelling via different airlines had accused the authorities of ignoring their plights and demand immediate redress of genuine grievances.

It is worth to mention here that Sheikh ul Alam International Airport is juggling the 2nd rank in the world having sophisticated and well built Airport besides having all the necessities for travelers inside its auditorium.

The passengers said that the International airport is lacking basic facilities for those who had to wait to wait outside for their flight or the attendants who visit there to receive or see off them.

“The toilet in the Airport is very unclean thereby exposes the tall claims of the authorities,” Muhammad Majid, one of the traveler said, adding that “the airport is lacking the basic facilities as well,” he said.

He said that when he entered into the toilet to attend the nature’s call, there was no flusher point. “Besides, I found cigarette bits and other tobacco products in and around toilets making toilets useless and incommensurate for passengers and their attendant,” he said.

He said that Airport authorities have failed to ensure proper cleanliness of the airport and to take proper infection control measures. “Apart from being dirty, there are no specific bathrooms for men and women while most of them are without doors due to which the female attendants find it difficult to use them,” he alleged.

 “Due to the poor state of toilets, people prefer to attend the nature’s call in the open,” said another visitor and added that the toilets are unhygienic and had blocked sewerage or in need of immediate repairs.

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