Editorial: For peoples sake

Srinagar: That war is no solution to disputes or issues is a universally accepted fact, but the way the two warring nations, India and Pakistan have been acting over the past three decades over their long pending dispute of Kashmir is in no way helping the cause of these two nations and the people of the state.

The past few months have been miserable for the border residents in both the divided parts of Kashmir. The armies of India and Pakistan have been pounding each other’s territory with massive gunfire and rockets leaving almost two dozen people dead besides injuring several others.

This has been going on for quite some time now and the world is watching the miseries and the ills the conflict is piling on the people living on both sides of the divide. The international opinion vis-à-vis the hostilities adopted by the two nations is not reflecting any action on ground so that some meltdown could have been expected. 

Though a statement by United Nations (UN) chief Antonio Guterres two months back had raised some hopes that the two countries will try to come forward and help in sorting out the issues so as to end the miseries of the people.

But, nothing of that sort happened and the leaders of both the counties as usual are trying to derive maximum political mileage from the issue and keep themselves relevant. This delay and non-seriousness shown by the leadership reflects that they have been using Kashmir as a safety value to bail them out whenever they are faced with any crisis on the domestic front.

What is ironic is that any move by the two warring countries in trying to ease out the situation on the frontier is not been responded by the other. After the fresh spree of killings during the past two weeks, both the countries have not tried to resolve the crisis.

The crisis that has arisen needs to be dealt with immediately as it is the civilians who are bearing the brunt of the hostilities. Both the countries need to realize that confidence building measures need to be announced immediately to stop this bloodshed.

However, the need for initiating confidence-building measures should be pursued by some external forces like the United Nations. Though the external forces like the UN could have helped but as of now they seem to be least interested.

The issues are critical in nature and once some CBM’s start rolling things are likely to get better. But for the time being both nations should waste no time for letting the hostilities take a back stage. Just for the peoples sake.


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