Power curtailment to be revised by January end, says official

Srinagar: The Power Development Department (PDD) on Friday assured its consumers in Kashmir that the electricity supplies will witness betterment by the end of this month and that the department is prioritizing its efforts to ensure end to erratic power supply in the Valley.

Chief Engineer, PDD Kashmir, Shahnaz Goni told a local news gathering agency that the power supplies in Kashmir Valley will be revised by the end of this month and that the department will ensure that the electricity supplies wouldn’t be further affected.

“At present, the demand is much more than the supplies. It is because of the harsh spell of winter. The system is witnessing an overburdened load,” Goni said.

 She informed that by the end of this month or probably by the first week of February, the power department will revise its curtailment schedule and there will be much betterment witnessed in terms of power supplies by the PDD to its consumers in Kashmir Valley. Chief Engineer, PDD stated that the repair of the damaged transformers is being done on priority basis and within stipulated time frame, the transformers are repaired and installed in the affected areas of Kashmir.

“The issue has been resolved now. At present, the transformers are bundled in workshops for days. We are repairing them without any delay and re-install them on priority,” Goni said. (KNS)


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