Legislature has no right to amend or ban Muslim laws: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Saturday said terming the proposed bill banning Triple Talaq as ‘interference in religious affairs’.
The Langate legislator appealed religious organizations to resist the move.
Er Rasheed said that no parliament, assembly or organization has a right to amend or ban anything as prescribed by the holy Quran and Sunnah.
“Islam is a perfect religion for all times. It is unfortunate that Triple Talaq is being interpreted in a wrong way. Women rights are most secure and most protected in Islam and it would be in India’s own interest not to interfere in religious affairs of any religion. Those who created issue out of nothing only for their vote bank politics and to defame the Muslim Community should restrain from playing with the fire and emotions of the Muslims.” he said.
Er Rasheed appealed Parliamentarians to understand the sensitivity and seriousness of the issue.
“Few so called liberal state-sponsored intellectuals especially from women folk can by no means claim to be representing the majority of Muslim women, nor can they disgrace Islam and the religious scholars just for their own convenience and interests,” he said.
He said that the Islamic scholars and religious preachers deserve due respect and matters like Triple Talaq should be left to their interpretation in light of Quran and Sunnah.
AIP president added that those who have always been keen to destroy Muslims are trying to become warriors of Muslim women only to create a division between various sects of Muslim community.
Er Rasheed appealed all Muslim Parliament members to oppose the bill tooth and nail and ensure that no interference takes place in religious affairs.
He asked the BJP government to stop crying about being sympathizer of Mualim Umah and said that If India truly owns Muslims then it should have accepted Jerusalem as capital of Palestine rather trying to prove Muslims as radical and anti-women.

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